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Kanwar Sodhi
Please give me a call in regards to my recent terrible experience while dining in at the Jia at Ponce City Market.
Jasmin Sosa
horrible service. I would like for someone other than the current manager on duty heather to contact me about an order that I placed today. I ordered mongolian chicken with friend rice and got some chicken with white rice. I never have had to argue with someone for a refund about an incorrect order that they did. I get back to my office to realize this is the wrong order, so I had to go all the way back to the restaurant for them to recook my order, not reheat, recook my order because by the time I had to take my time to go all the way back the food was cold. They came back less than 3 minutes later with the same chicken when they told me that they would recook it for me. Heather lied to me and said the chef recooked the meal when it is physically impossible to cook that chicken that fast and it not be under cooked. She than turns around and tells me they said they were only reheating it after she just said they recooked the meal. She said your policy is to refund only if the order was
Diane Bender
Do you sell gift cards?? Thanks!