Authentic Szechuan Cuisine


Welcome to Jia! Here we specialize in authentic traditional Chinese Szechuan style cooking. Located in Ponce City Market, we feature fresh, made to order organic dishes made with authentic spices from Asia. Our focus is to give you the experience of rich, full flavor and quality guest services.

Jia is a sister restaurant to the Original Tasty China, located in Marietta, the first restaurant of Peter Cheng. The renowned Chinese chef, who’s many achievements and exploits around the world have made him a culinary legend. We keep to many of his original recipes and constantly innovate and reinvent our menu to bring you new and savory dishes with which to delight your taste buds.


and enjoy the rich authentic tastes of our house made chili oils and pickled vegetables!

What is Szechuan? We’re all about fire with flavor! Szechuan style cooking is done primarily with the red and green Szechuan peppercorns. This tiny seed packs a huge flavor and a unique experience. Bite into one, and you’ll experience a cool, almost menthol-like, flavor in your mouth.

This is followed by a warm peppery bite that will leave your mouth tingling. The end result dulls the fiery chili oils in the cuisine and allows your palate to experience the subtle undertones of cilantro, basil, garlic, and onion found in many dishes.

You won’t find sauces to be hot just for the sake of being hot. Here, spicy isn’t about how hot, but how flavorful the dish can be underneath the spice. Embrace the fire!

Not into Spicy? That’s okay! Many of our traditional dishes do not use any chilies or peppercorn! Ask your server about “Non-spicy” options to enjoy the rich flavors of sweet red bean, tangy vinegar, and savory herbs all made to the same level of rich, delicious flavor!


We are vegan friendly! Ask your server about our many vegan and vegetarian dishes